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Do you have furniture in your home that could benefit from a makeover? Most people have a neglected or discarded table, a bookshelf, perhaps a chair or a cupboard that would be transformed with a paint and a lot of love. This is where I come in. I can reinvent your existing piece and give it a new lease of life.

Whether you would like me to visit your home to discuss your colour and style requirements or if you’d like to visit my studio in the Eco Village in Currumbin Valley, we’ll work together to unveil the hidden beauty of your favourite piece.(Or, if you prefer, I am happy to collect your piece and deliver it back once it’s completed.) I can offer a fast, affordable, and mess-free upcycling service, and most furniture makeovers can be completed in just one day. I use clean, green and odourless paint to upcycle pieces, to reflect the sustainable approach I take in all aspects of my life. Have a look at some of my before and after commissioned pieces for some inspiration.

Let me share my passion with you and together we can rediscover the love!


No need to buy new furniture lets allow style to meet sustainability by transforming your existing furniture into something you will love. Eco Chic!

We can discuss your ideas and colours and then we can start the transformation.


Its can be so exciting to discuss a new look for your furniture. There is often plenty of inspiration to be had. I love that the history of your piece can be kept intact whilst allowing for a new lease of life! It seems sad to replace something when it’s still doing its job well.  A little colour, some new knobs and we have a re-born hero in your room.

Perhaps we can inspire a whole new look for your kitchen? Makeovers are very contagious, full of possibility and can be a lot of fun.


Once a colour and style has been agreed upon I will go ahead with minor repairs if needed. Once everything is clean and prepared I will create some magic!


It may take a couple of visits but once it has been finished you will be the proud owner once again of a newly restyled and revamped piece of furniture.

‘’Paint Me Love Me’ endeavours to create individual pieces of furniture that are unique and have plenty of character. These pieces can have several layers of paint and wax and may have been sanded to create a distressed, aged look. If you would like any further adjustments to the finished please do not hesitate to ask.


In my collection of paints I am sure I will have a colour and style to suit you or I can mix a colour for you. Let’s get creative and style up your piece!

I only use the best quality products and over the years I have tried quite a few. Take a look at all the different pieces I have done in my gallery page.

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